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As the POP One Piece series celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019. Roronoa Zoro Figure, the great swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, finally has been released by MegaHouse.

zoro figure

This time, Roronoa Zoro figure has been posed in meticulous detail making use of his trademark Three Swords Style Ultimate Attack: Three Thousand Worlds.
When Zoro fights, his mouth and hands can control three swords at the same time.
I’m very familiar with this attack, Zoro can use airflow generated by the rotation of his swords to create a fairly fast wind. If you are just an ordinary soldier, you wouldn’t be able to see all the swords Zoro wields.

zoro figure
zoro figure

The name of Three Thousand Worlds comes from the Buddhist language. When Zoro uses this attack, he would usually sing: The nine mountains and eight seas… There is nothing I can’t cut! Three Thousand Worlds!

When I first saw this Roronoa Zoro figure, I am totally impressed by the color schemes and the beautiful lines of the muscle. As seen in One Piece, Zoro is holding a sword in each hand, and also has a
sword in his mouth. Zoro is in a very serious position.

zoro figure1

The folds of Zoro’s clothes are handled quite well. The Zoro’s clothes swing in the wind during the attack of Three Thousand Worlds, which creates a dynamic feeling. Zoro’s muscles are so aesthetically pleasing that is definitely a bright part of the design.
And this Roronoa Zoro figure also has a base, designed as a rock, which is written with the words “Three Thousand Worlds”.

zoro figure

The three swords held by Zoro quite looked well-made. The texture of the swords looks very exquisite, and the figure also shows the luster of the swords. It is a feeling called sword light and sword shadow.

Back to the color, The Zoro’s clothes are very well colored, and if you look carefully, the color of the clothes is gradually changing.

On the whole, Zoro’s tempered body, gleaming eyes, iconic outfit, and three swords have all been sculpted in amazing detail with a dynamic appearance that provides impact and quality.

It’s a great figure to add to your collection, no ONE PIECE fan should be without him, so don’t miss your chance!

Ps: Preview of Roronoa Zoro Figure: Demon Aura Nine-Sword Style Asura Version

Where to buy: Solaris Japan  Roronoa Zoro Figure
Product Size
Height: 1/8 scale (overall height 210mm)
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